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I am a Mixed Media artist and passionate about my daily work.  I like to intuitively incorporate different materials needed for each work. My career began with painting.  I continued in this media for several years. However, once I began working with textiles, things changed.  I seemed to quickly connect with the special environment created by threads, fabrics, scissors, chalk, measuring tapes and sewing machines that I had been exposed to throughout my childhood sitting on my grandparents' work bench - both were tailors. I was surrounded by artistic craft my entire life as a carpenter's daughter and a live model for a seamstress aunt.  It is quite easy for me to fuse textile artisanship with new technologies. I also like paper, ink, magazines; in fact, this was how I came to understand printmaking especially that constant play of negative and positive space.
My aesthetic language is primarily centered on the creation of collages, using diverse techniques throughout my artistic training and experiences


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